On Pursuing an Academic Career/Reconfigurable Wireless: From Active Metamaterial Spherical Antenna to mmWave Reflector Array


报 告 人:孙智  博士




报告人简介:孙智博士分别于2004年、2007年和2011年在北京邮电大学、清华大学和佐治亚理工学院获得学士、硕士、博士学位,先后任佐治亚理工学院的博士后研究员,纽约州立大学布法罗分校博士生导师,在无线通信与网络领域IEEE Tran. on Wireless Communications, Antennas and Propagation, Communications等顶级期刊共发表期刊论文20多篇,会议论文20篇, Google citation统计显示(截至2017年2月9日)引用1221次,H-index为17。作为第1负责人(Principal Investigator, PI)获得美国国家科学基金3项,第2负责人2项,共计超过100万美元科研基金支持。在诸多成果与应用的支持下,研究课题“Towards Metamaterial-inspired Networking for Wireless Devices in Extreme Environments”于2017年荣获美国国家科学基金杰出青年奖(National Science Foundation CAREER Award)。担任IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications和Elsevier Computer Networks期刊的editor。研究领域主要包括多种复杂环境下(地下、水下、矿井、管道、人体内等)的无线通信网络、超磁材料增强型通信与安全、物理层安全和信息物理系统。

报 告 一: 浅谈学术类职业的准备与规划北邮、清华、佐治亚On Pursuing an Academic Career

内容摘要: In this talk, the speaker will first go through his experience of both research and life as a Ph.D. student and a professor, which aims to show a typical road path of preparing and pursuing an academic career. Then, he will share his understanding on what is research and what are the criteria of high quality research. Finally, the speaker will introduce the current research projects in his group, including the metamaterial enhanced wireless communications and networking, underwater cyber physical systems, mmWave communication and security, and wireless intra-body sensor networks.   

报 告 二: Reconfigurable Wireless: From Active Metamaterial Spherical Antenna to mmWave Reflector Array

内容摘要: In this talk, two types of reconfigurable smart wireless systems are discussed. In the first half of the talk, the magnetic induction wireless communication system using active metamaterial spherical antenna is introduced. Such technique is used to achieve long range underground and underwater communication with portable size devices. In particular, the Metamaterial-enhanced Magnetic Induction (M2I) communication mechanism is first presented. Then the active elements are added to overcome the metamaterial loss and enable the configurability. Finally, based on the performance analysis, the full-duplex M2I multi-hop transmission strategy is discussed as an application of the active M2I system. In the second half of the talk, the mmWave WLAN system (802.11ad) using reconfigurable reflector array is introduced. Such technique is designed to establish robust mmWave connections for indoor networks even when all the possible links are blocked by obstructions. First, the reconfigurable 60 GHz reflect-array is designed, implemented, and modeled. Then the three-party beam-searching protocol is designed for the reflect-array-assisted 802.11ad networks. Finally, the optimal array deployment strategy is developed to minimize the link outage probability in indoor mobile mmWave networks.